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Ultra Violet: 9 Ways To You Can Wear The Colour Of The Year 2018

Follow @eventlabgh < Even better than last year’s green, the colour of 2018, Ultra Violet is more fashionable and feminine....

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 3, 2018


Even better than last year’s green, the colour of 2018, Ultra Violet is more fashionable and feminine. You don’t see how? Wait till you find out ways to turn heads with this royal beauty.


More often than not, your face gets the first attention, and what better way is there to keep that attention than with a bright and fierce lip colour! Whatever your skin tone, you can do no wrong with a purple lipstick. However, go easy on the eye-shadow so you don’t end up looking like a peacock. Subtle colours will do.

Eye Shadow

If you haven’t discovered or experimented with the beauty that is purple eye shadow, then girl, this is the best time to. purple on the eye is both pretty and fierce. You can match with glossy nude lipstick and keep the rest of your glam clean.


Every girl deserves an arm candy, and a violet one is  a delicious choice. So don’t be scared to invest in one – small or statement.

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts do wonders to your curves. Who doesn’t know this? Put on a purple pencil skirt with a nicely fitted shirt and you’re ready for work or an evening out – depending on how you choose to style it.



Purple shoes are guaranteed to give your outfit a face lift, always!


Wavy, short, curly, coily or straight, your hair is everything. If you are adventurous, wear a purple weave or hair dye and rule. Just flip it baby, flip.

Nail Polish

Say no to bad crusty nails and ugly nail colours in 2018. Colour those nails purple and you’ll be surprised how many people will be queuing up for a handshake every where you show up.



Wear your purple blazer with buttons undone paired with casual items such as t-shirt and jeans. Or for a more formal look, do it like Jennifer Oseh and pair with matching pants and a white shirt.

Head Gears

Head gears are some of the hottest things there is. A purple scarf, for instance, can take your outfit from zero to 100 real quick.

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