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Toke Makinwa’s Letter To Her 18-Year-Old Self Is Everything We Wish We Knew At That Age

Follow @eventlabgh < By Njideka Akabogu | March 8, 2017 Toke Makinwa is celebrating the International Women’s Day with a letter to her...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at March 8, 2017


By Njideka Akabogu | 

Toke Makinwa is celebrating the International Women’s Day with a letter to her 18-year-old self.

She took to Instagram to shared the open letter which is everything we wish we knew or believed when someone told us at that age.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Happy International women’s day, on this special day I have decided to write to my 18 year old self so here it goes…
Dear 18 year old TM,
I bet you feel you are all grown up now but there’s still so much growing up ahead of you, stop with all the fuss, all the things you think matter now won’t even cross your mind in 5 years, that is a fact. In essence, don’t stress the little stuff. Enjoy the process, cherish the moment, cherish where you are. You are growing up so fast girl, you want to experience it all at once. In this moment, you are alive, you are indecisive but that’s ok, you don’t have to figure it all now. Breathe. You love “Love” like the movies, you think life is one big party but no one prepares you for the twists and turns and the unpleasant situations girl, in them you’ll find what is called “Experience”. You are so talented I wish you’ll believe in yourself more, I wish you are not so scared to take chances. That little voice inside of you telling you you’ll be a star ⭐️, yes that one telling you you will be great, don’t ignore it. You have got big dreams, some you don’t even know now but it won’t happen all at once. You think this phase sucks? Get ready cos life will hit below the belt. Boys are a distraction now, there’s plenty of them ahead so don’t kill yourself over that one boy. You will fall in love and think your heart will never love another; that’s a lie too. You’ll love the next even more. You have a voice, a big voice that will be heard some day stop making it about other people. Beauty is not what the world says it is, I wish you will not change so much of the things you like about yourself, you’ll learn the hard way but you will be ok. Don’t despise your days of humble beginnings, those failed attempts at “Becoming” will keep you hungry till you get it right and even when you think you have it all figured out, be prepared for more challenges and failure. You really don’t fail, you learn and you grow. Find God early, you need him to get thru life. Friends will come and go but true ones become family, your boobs will get bigger I promise you wont have to stuff your bra to give you that cleavage. all will be well.”



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