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This Mother’s Account Of How Agbani Darego Helped Her On A Flight Will Make You Fall More In Love With The Former Miss World

Follow @eventlabgh < By Njideka Akabogu | December 16, 2016 If you needed more reason to love Agbani Darego, then this is it....

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 16, 2016


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If you needed more reason to love Agbani Darego, then this is it.


An Instagram user by the name @Joanceestyle took to Instagram to recount how the former Miss World and an unknown male companion helped her take care of her 10 months old daughter while on a flight from Lagos to Dubai.

The lady who wasn’t aware that her seat partner was the former Miss World had pleaded with her to help take care of her little girl who she described as a handful while she went to use the restroom.

Without the slightest hesistance, Agbani and her companion agreed an took the little child from her. They went on to help with the ten-month-old throughout the 7-hour flight and proceeded to help her with her luggage after they landed in Dubai.

It wasn’t until their touchdown that Joanceestyle realised that the pretty lady was the former Miss World.

Here’s how she told the story:

“I was not a strong believer in the saying that ‘there are angels living amongst us’till I experienced an act of kindness last weekend .i was travelling with my 10months old daughter from Lagos to Dubai,a pretty tall lady and a gentleman sat next to me on the flight. i was still contemplating on how I was going to deal with my daughter becos she can be a handful and I needed to use the restroom so I had to plead with the lady to help me take care of her while am gone and she willingly agreed.The gentleman with her showed so much care to my baby that if u didn’t know one would think he was the Father of my child.
I was even feeling bad cos my baby was teething and was making a mess on their cloths and face with her spittle but they really didn’t care.Up to the extent that my baby was finding it difficult to sleep in the plane and this gentleman would stand carry her and try to rock her to sleep.
We all come across strangers who are helpful to us but this two are one in a million.This pretty tall lady and the gentle man with her showed my baby so much love all thru the journey that I didn’t I feel it was a 7hours journey without having the slightest knowledge of who was sitting beside me on the plane .As if all the help they rendered me wasn’t enough,on getting to dubai they assisted me in carrying my luggage cos I had several hand luggage to where was convenient enough for me cos I had a connecting flight to New York.
While we were walking towards our connecting flights a lady approached this pretty tall lady who has been so caring to my daughter and lo and behold I realized I have been sitting close to @agbanidarego without having the slightest idea.i was shocked and asked her why she didn’t tell me all this while she just kept on smiling and said ‘she just blew my cover’. I never knew all this while that the lady seated with me for 7hours from lagos to Dubai was Former miss world Agbani Darego. Never knew someone with that status could be that simple and humble.
Humility is the true key to success.God bless u @agbanidarego and bless the gentleman with u. Thank u guys for everything. With caring people like this, this world would be a better place.”

Side note: We’d love to know who this male companion is. LOL.

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