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Shatta Wale Arrests Former Right-hand Man Ara B. For Calling His Wife a ‘Cheap Lesbian’ on Facebook

Follow @eventlabgh < Former right-hand man of Shatta Wale, Ara B has been arrested by the Odorkor Police for allegedly...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at February 1, 2017


Former right-hand man of Shatta Wale, Ara B has been arrested by the Odorkor Police for allegedly referring to the former’s wife, Shatta Michy as a cheap prostitute and a lesbian.

Ara B who uses Rashad Sfarijlani as his Facebook name is reported to have posted on his Timeline Monday, claiming that Michy sleeps with bosom friends of the Dancehall artiste and also have sexual relations with her colleague females.

She lodged a complaint at the Odorkor Police Station because according to her those allegations was attacking her personality leading to the arrest Ara B.

See Ara B’s post below:

‘Shatta Michy stop the lesbianism stop the drugs nd stop fxxking all your female friend’s stupid girl when am talking to your king then u reply calling me names on ur snap chat cuz today u have wings stop fucking for cocoa brown roles can’t u see guys are tired of that dead fuse puxxy u have. U the least of cheap girls eeew next time u diss me I will dress u well nd give names nd stuff u do ..stupid little girl dead horse like u…would hav made sweet girls diss u but don’t want to involve anyone..flat tatale breast u get like the N1 highway….stop fxxking ur man friends in the club toilets for bottles k also in the car ur man got are u stupid will release all ur fila soon if u test me kwasia ghana’s cheapest bitch that’s wat u are and pls tell Ghanaians who is the father of…”

Tuesday morning, Shatta Wale took to his Snapchat to announce that Ara B. has been arrested by the Odorkor Police. See his post below:

He also recorded a Snapchat video saying:

“Yo F–king Ara B. You see where you going to sleep. (sic) I will come see you in the afternoon. Arab is going…going… Gone! This year anyone who will fool with me, police will come look for you. I’m going to lock Ara B for everyone to see… Boys dey claim gangster for Facebook.”



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