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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 2, 2017

It has been the tradition of the MTN Hitmaker to camp its contestants for the duration of the competition and the season 6 which is currently ongoing was definitely not an exception. This story seeks to throw more light on the activities of these contestants, the other side of your favorite contestant when they are not on stage performing.


The first juice I would like to share is on relationships. Is love brewing in the MTN Hitmaker House?

As the days went by in the Hitmaker house, one could not help but notice that Kwesi Taadi and Fati had developed some kind of close friendship as those two were almost always seen together, either rehearsing or simply having a chat. As to whether this friendship will blossom into something special, we wait to see. But everything indicates there’s a tiny bit more than just a musical note to this starry-eyed union.


You might see him on stage as the quite, shy RnB singer, but during our short stay, I came to the realization that, what you see is not really what you get. Josh might just be the naughtiest character in the house, always up to one mischief or another, together with Krymi.

The one person our troublesome 2 do not ever get to trouble is Shadey! This gentleman is probably one of the most laidback contestant as he neither engages, debates, plays and he hardly ever openly rehearses as other contestants do. This is where you get to ask, “So what does he do in the house?” Good question. Well, to put it rather bluntly, half the time he is asleep! No, he isn’t lazy, the bloke just likes to mind his business and spend some quality time in bed creating music to serenade, inspire and entertain. The songs probably come to him in dreams. You never know.

But Shadey isn’t the only one with this lifestyle. For someone who is always energetic on stage, one will assume that she is the most hyper person in the bunch, but Freda could surprisingly pass as the quietest contestant in MTN Hitmaker 6!

Then comes the comedian! Drew is quite the showman on stage, very stylish and artistic, but in the house, he was the comedian who made sure there was never a dull moment as far as he was around, his laughter alone was contagious. And he also takes credit for always helping his fellow contestants with improving their stagecraft. He is a real comedian who likes to light up everyone’s face from time to time.

How can there be a house without a mother? The one that gives the kitchen life and shows that truly, music isn’t her only talent, she’s got great culinary skills too. Roll the drums for Fati!!!!

Forget it, you won’t find her in her room; please check the kitchen because she is almost always cooking for everyone in the house and her food is great too! If music doesn’t work out, don’t be surprised if Fati’s Special Grills and Restaurant pops up somewhere near you.

We all know it’s a music reality show, but stop singing and rapping for a moment Xali and D-forina! Those two are definitely the singing birds of the house, not forgetting Qwo-djo.

Xali is undoubtedly the weirdo in the house, she has this, ’one minute I’m in a good mood, the next minute, well, please don’t bother me’ syndrome. Make a statement and forina will give you a rap to that effect. But of course, we all love them on stage.

Talk of dual personality amongst them is rapper Yaw Berk. He has a bit of Freda and Drew in him. Yaw was the kind who make you laugh this moment, and the next moment you find him keeping to himself, and he is always at the dining area. As to why he loves it there, we will find out together in our next diaries story.

With all these characters combined, the MTN Hitmaker house was indeed a fun place to be. Stay tuned to a lot more action, twists and turns as I come again next week to give you exclusive behind the scenes stories with the contestants’ personal activities as the numbers keep trickling down week after week. And yes, my name is Khadijah, chaperone and writer for the 6th season of the MTN Hitmaker.

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