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Invest in your craft (career) – Sarkodie advices budding artistes

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at January 16, 2018


If you’re an upcoming act struggling with the business side of the music business, waste no time, this is a free advice from Africa’s best rapper, Sarkodie “Till then …a little advice to the young ones : Make sure you put back every penny into your craft … if it will take you 8 shows to pay for one video, do so!!! Don’t cheat the game or you will fail.” A groundbreaking piece of advice posted on the official Twitter handle of Africa’ crowned rap king, Sarkodie to the young artists at heart. What an adult can see when lying down, a child can not see when standing, the advice must be embraced with favorable consideration.

At it stands, I don’t know what informs the decisions of upcoming acts on the topic of reinvesting into theirselves (career). But many a times, young artists always misconstrue the notion “reinvest in oneself” means always looking flashy and living large yet the capacity to survive in such upper class lifestyle is not secured. If green leaves are burning, how much more dry leaves? Top notch acts are reinvesting into theirselves more and more each day. It’s a good pick for upcoming acts because it influences success, fulfillment and happiness. In this instance, reinvesting means spending time, finance, energy, passion, talent and technical know how to make improvements to something valuable.

Reinvesting into oneself (career) goes a long way in adding brand value, pre-programmed thinking, mapping out long term goals and yielding successful outcome. Though it’s not easy as it sounds, the fertility of determination and constant efforts associated with focusing on the bigger pictures is guaranteed. The rapper aims to use his celebrity appeal, charisma, and ability to connect with, inspire and help people across every circle of life especially upcoming artists to earn more value and achieve their individual missions in life.

 (Story: John Claude Tamakloe)

Source: Beenie Words