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GHAMRO will do more to protect intellectual properties of Musicians & industry in 2018 – Rex Omar

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at January 1, 2018


The Board and Management of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), wishes to extend this new years seasons greetings to all its exclusive members, business affiliates , media and the general public, as the world ushers in this maiden year, 2018.
One of the greatest joys of this season, is to get the opportunity to say thank you, for all the support and cooperation that you all have given to the sustainability of GHAMRO in 2017.
Despite the unfortunate setbacks that besieged the organization in terms of internal wrangling, from a few of our members, you all continued to support the vision of GHAMRO, unperturbed. We at GHAMRO are appreciative of this fact and thank you for the forbearance exhibited.

We believe that in this year 2018 , presenting a united front ,targeted at fighting the common purpose of protecting the intellectual property of the Ghanaian music right owner, should be the priority of all stakeholders in the music industry, for the sustained growth of the organization.
GHAMRO will continental to strive to protect the rights of its members, by way of generating adequate income for distribution and to create a convenient business environment to facilitate a smooth working relationship with commercial music users in the country .
Once again, GHAMRO says “afishiapa”
to you all , especially our members .We promise to continue to ensure the protection of your rights, and to deliver our usual business transparency and credibility in this maiden year 2018.

Thank You .

We Wish You a Happy New Year.

GHAMRO pay before play.


Rex Owusu Marfo.( Rex Omar).

Ghana Music Rights Organization.

Source: Beenie Words