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Dan Aceda and Fena unveil hit urban single, Bobea

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Nairobi, 30th May 2018: The crown prince on Benga music, Dan Aceda has joined forces with the queen of viral urban hits, Fena Gitu to unleash, Bobea.

Under the umbrella to Tama Media, the talented duo worked on the second single off Dan Aceda’s upcoming album that is now available on all digital outlets.

Bobea was co-written by Fena and Dan and produced by Dillie of House of Dillie Productions for TAMA MEDIA.  The eclectic urban groove, sweet melody and well-crafted arrangement Bobea allows the distinct personalities of both artistes to shine through.

In his own words, Kenya’ most recognised and iconic voice, Dan Aceda said, “You should always work with people who make you better. Fena is such an amazing artiste. Versatility personified. There’s no better voice, better co-writer that this project could have found. I am honored to have her on this track.”

He continued, “Then there’s Dillie whose vision and musicality is unparalleled. What a producer! For the next phase there was the outfit called The Other Guys… and Team Mistari who brought world class video production knowledge to the project.”

Fena said “It was an honour to work with a living legend. It was a nice challenge working with a Benga maestro to bring him to the urban side.”

Adding, “Bobea is about being proud of how far we have come after going though huddles, for me it has been about growing musically as an artiste. The song seeks to inspire young people push to the limit. Zidi kubobea, trust in yourself and your craft.”

The vocal performance of both artistes is superlative and unlocks a new fresh level of mash up sound making where two extremely talented people combine to create an unforgettable audio product. Bobea is a true collaboration!

This song was recorded in Nairobi and mixed and mastered to the highest international standards. The video was also shot in multiple locations in Kenya and was directed by award winning Kenyan producer PRVKE.

It features work by Team Mistari, ad was supported by Kenyan company Marini. The final cut and sync was done by prolific Kenyan outfit Team Mistari. Full credits of the video are included below. The song will be officially released on Monday 30th of April 2017.

Watch the music video here –>

Fena Bio

The versatile Fena Gitu is a “Fete de la Musique” winner emeritus with an unmistakably soulful sound. Her chart-topping singles ‘Africa Massive’ and Sema Ng’we and Trouble, have taken the Kenyan music scene by storm. She is currently recording her debut album. Fena describes her music as fusing a variety of musical genres, from neo-soul to afro-soul, reggae, hip-hop and afro-house, all to create her unique, urban ‘Fenamenal’ sound.

Dan Aceda Bio

Dan Aceda is a Kenyan Singer Songwriter known for his penchant for sweet melody and unique storytelling. He has produced three studio albums and has played at concerts all over the world including the US and Europe, East Africa, Malawi and more. He is listed among the most iconic voices from Kenya in recent years and performs regularly to full venues in Nairobi and other parts of the world.


Bobea D. Aceda, F. Gitu, F. Wangombe

BGV Vocals by D. Aceda, Guitars by Johni Machine Gun Wainaina, Arrangement by D Aceda and Dillie. Mixed and Mastered by House of Dillie

Executive producer: TAMA MEDIA


Directed by: PRVKE

Wardrobe: Manciny, Lucy Robi

Producer: Carol

Executive Producer: TAMA MEDIA


For more information on the song and lyrics

Lyrics are also available on Dan Aceda’s Facebook Page, Dan Aceda Music

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